Performance Carbine focuses on raising skill level with the carbine weapon platform, by providing the shooter with the tools to enhance speed AND accuracy. Metrics are established at the introductory sections of the course which establish current baseline, thereafter as the student assimilate more information, his increase in performance can be measured and documented. Comfort levels are put aside from the outset when performance on demand is expected from the very first exercise. We then break down carbine shooting into its most basic facets, compartmentalise them, enhance them and bring the facets back together to make a synergistically enhanced whole product.

With total focus on optimising every aspect of carbine shooting, the course stresses multi sensory/multi skill training, which teaches the shooter to differentiate between conscious and subconscious thought and how to apply it to elevate shooting  performance to its maximum. Efficiency, economy of movement and hit factoring  are the cornerstones of this evolution, where the shooter learns the synergies of performance shooting and how they apply to both sport and combat.Building  further, we then add higher and more challenging levels of each aspect of shooting skill, in addition to factoring in more complex aspects of movement and target acquisition.  Each student will walk away with the knowledge and techniques to continue their personal skills development, gauge and monitor their own performance and reach even higher levels through their own training. 

Included in the content are an understanding of body mechanics and how to mitigate recoil, speed building, target acquisition & sighting solutions, movement & transition during engagements, unorthodox shooting positions, reloading efficiency and much more. The course is physically challenging and the shot count is high, but the result justifies the input.
Outcomes are impressive and invariably exceed student expectations.

DURATION:  8 hrs
Minimum Gear Requirements:
Carbine with single  or 2 point sling
At least 3 rifle magazines
300 rounds Rifle
2 magazine holder for pistol magazines (Mag Pouch)
​​​​​​​Ear & Eye Protection 
Appropriate Clothing for range
Food & drinks

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