For Close Protection Operatives (CPO's) wishing to extend their knowledge in order to work in High Risk and Non-Permissive environments, Kinetic solutions offers the Protective Security Detail (PSD) course. In such environments where inherent threat levels are much higher and control of the extended environment is not possible, many normal Close Protection procedures and tactics do not work. The solution to this problem, is either much higher or much lower profile operations. The Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP's) differ significantly for each profile but the principles remain the same. Our PSD Course covers all the aspects of both High and Low Profile Protective operations, where they differ and where they remain constant. 
Course content includes, profiles and their dress code and equipment types, vehicle  convoy operations, adapted foot operations, counter ambush tactics on foot and in vehicles, counter assault team, breaking contact, team tactics.
 Also included is a 1 day Care Under Fire TACMED module
Tactical Driving Module is included on request according to skidpad availability( at additional cost)
This course is available to civilian, law enforcement and military personnel who have already completed a formal Close Protection training programme. 
DURATION: 50 hrs standard course, 90 hrs with TCCC

Minimum Gear Requirements

Carbine with single  or 2 point sling
WML for night shooting segment
Pistol with WML
Duty Belt or strong EDC belt
Hand held light
OWB or IWB Holster
At least 3 rifle magazines
At least 3 pistol magazines
200 rounds Rifle (Standard course) 
700 rounds Pistol (Standard course), 1,000 rounds (with TCCC)
2 magazine holders for pistol magazines (Mag Pouch)
1 magazine holders for rifle magazines (Mag Pouch)
Ear & Eye Protection 
Appropriate Clothing for range
Students wishing to attend driving modules must have a current appropriate drivers license
Food & drinks

Body Armor
Plate carrier/chest rig
Spare Batteries
Medkit etc.

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