Based on the two and a half decades of experience of our Founder and CEO gained from conducting high level vehicle based security operations in hostile environments, our 1 Day Vehicle Dynamics Course, with an option of an add on Low Light Module is available for pistol carbine or combined and is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of mobile vehicle security. 
It is estimated that many of us spend an average of one and a half hours per day in a vehicle,  yet the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) required to survive potentially lethal threatening engagements in and around vehicles are some of the most dangerous and equally most misunderstood in the tactical sphere. 
By applying sound, tried and tested defensive military and law enforcement tactics this course will teach provide  with the best chance of survival of a vehicle-centric attack. Suitable for the tactically minded citizens or law enforcement personnel, this course will provide the knowledge of how to maximize survivability. This is about what Vehicle Close Quarter Battle (VCQB) is and also what it isn't. This course is centered around an environment that is organic to everyday life and provides shooters with sound tactics and accurate information.  Covering a broad spectrum of subjects pertaining to vehicle security, from pre-departure through to Actions On being attacked while in or around the vehicle during ambush or hijacking, we dispel the often peddled myths of vehicle based defensive tactics and provide reality based solutions based on lessons learned by professionals.
DURATION: 8 hrs or 12 hrs with night shoot module
Minimum Gear Requirements
OWB or IWB Holster and study belt
At least 3 pistol magazines
2 magazine holders for pistol magazines
300 rounds ammunition, 400 rounds with night shoot
At least 3 carbine magazines
2 magazine holders for carbine magazines
200 rounds ammunition, 250 rounds with night shoot

Ear & Eye Protection
Appropriate Clothing for terrain and Weather
Long Sleeve Shirt & pants

Low light shooting module
Body Armor
Plate carrier
Chest rig
Knee pads
Weapons Light (Low Light module only)
Hand Held Light (Low Light module only)
Spare flashlight Batteries (Low Light module only)
Med Kit, First Aid, etc.

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