"Shoot, Move, Communicate".... combat is a dynamic environment and as such, requires that the surviving combatant(s) understand clearly both the principles & dynamics of lethal conflict and what they entail. These principles and dynamics are military in nature and require an in depth understanding of the doctrine and experience of the lessons learned from real combat, in order to transfer this knowledge to those who have not experienced it. 
Combat Dynamics is a fusion of the key skills, movement and tactics needed to survive real lethal confrontations. The combat skills are a direct excerpt of hand picked techniques from our Dynamic Movement and Performance Pistol courses, which have been presented both nationally and internationally for over 20 years. The tactics are born out of decades of experience in military, law enforcement and high level protective operations in the most hostile environments in the world. This is truly "Real World Training From Real World Experience". 

Undoubtedly, the highest level of hard skills is found in top level competitive shooting, in particular IPSC. It is for this reason that several of the very best Tier 1 Units in the world are taught their skills by top levels competitive shooters and have done so for many years. They then apply these skills with their own tactical doctrine based on previous experience.

Our Combat Dynamics course is a combat proven combination of the skills and tactics needed for real life situations. Born out of decades of high level protective operations in hostile environments, combined with experience of being world a championship level IPSC competitor, Kinetic Solutions will teach you where combat, tactics and skills meet. No social media drills, no ‘enter-trainment’ or 'range theatrics', only the real world experience of what’s needed when the metal meets the flesh!

This course is suitable for all individuals who have reached an intermediate levels of training and integrates perfectly with students having attended our Dynamic Movement, or Performance Pistol courses.

DURATION: 8 hrs or 12 hrs with night shoot module
Minimum Gear Requirements
Sturdy holster and belt
At least 2 magazine holders 
At least 3 magazines
Reliable Pistol
300 rounds of ammunition
Ear & Eye Protection
Peaked cap
Appropriate Clothing for Duty/Concealment and Weather
Food and beverages

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