A large percentage of lethal confrontations, be they in civilian, law enforcement or military scenarios,  take place in low light environments. Therefore, it only makes sense to be able to operate tactically and efficiently in such situations. If we do not then we leave a gaping weak link in our defensive plan.

Your environment must not dictate the outcome of a gunfight. The operational environment is 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week , so we should always be prepared and indeed expect less than expect perfect conditions, day or night. This course is designed to increase your survivability when operating in low light environments and will develop a more effective level of awareness to the very specific intricacies of it. This course will also provide you with Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and provide you with an in depth understanding  of utilising both hand held and weapon mounted light both day time & night time.  ​​​​​​​

There are a lot of differing opinions about what techniques should be used, light quantity, intensity and direction, then the equally debated hand held light vs. weapon mounted light. Take away the social media hype, the marketing pitches though and the facts hold true….come and learn about them on our Low Light Environments course.

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