Pistol Fundamentals focuses on the raw basics of pistol shooting pistol and teaches shooters how to get the best foundation for their future training. By understanding the fundamentals, the shooter then skill not only build a solid foundation, but also diagnose problems or bad habits which might ensue later on. The main content of the course includes but it no limited to weapons safety, law, pistol grip, trigger squeeze, sight picture and alignment, reloading ,malfunctions, dominant and non dominant side shooting. The outcome of the course is that the student will have a strong foundation on which to build further skill and to ensure into tactical & defensive training. 


Minimum Requirements:
- Have a valid license and competency certificate for weapon(s) to be used
- Basic to intermediate level of confidence and competence
- Understanding of firearms law and safety rules

Minimum Gear Requirements
OWB (Outside the waistband) or IWB (Inside the waistband) Holster
Reliable and sturdy EDC (everyday carry) or duty belt
At least 1 magazine holder
2 magazines
Reliable Pistol
100 rounds of ammunition 
Ear & Eye Protection
Appropriate Clothing for Range
Food and drinks

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