Our EDC course applies all the aspects covered in Defensive Pistol and more, but at a higher level of proficiency and pays particular attention to engagements at close quarters . The course addresses the most common criteria which pertain to most real life engagements in both civilian and the Law Enforcement context and includes the use of both firearms and blades as defensive tools and blades as a means of weapon retention. By the end of the course, students will be able to understand and demonstrate awareness & mindset, defensive tactics, close quarter engagements, application of the force continuum, wounded shooter drills, defensive gunfighting on different levels, stress shooting and much more....
Introduction to low light shooting
Integration of low light shooting into EDC

DURATION: 8 hrs or 12 hrs with night shoot
​​​​​​​Minimum Requirements:
Have a valid license and competency certificate for weapon(s) to be used
Basic to intermediate level of confidence and competence
Understanding of firearms law and safety rules

Minimum Gear Requirements
Concealment or duty holster
Reliable and sturdy EDC belt
At least 2 magazine pouches
3 magazines
Reliable Pistol
300-350 rounds of ammunition depending on whether low light module is attended
Ear & Eye Protection
Peaked cap
Appropriate Clothing for Duty/Concealment and Weather
Food and beverages

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