This course addresses dynamic close-range & mid-range engagements and is centred around day to day scenarios. It involves learning to assess and dominate your environment, its cover, concealment, the angles of exposure, angles of view and how to impose yourself on a life threatening situation as opposed to becoming a victim of it. 

On this course you will learn how to use and adapt to everything in your vicinity, turn your environment to your advantage and maximise your skillset regain the initiative in a life threatening situation. You will learn how to maximise cover, concealment, distance, time, angles of incidence, all to your advantage to turn the tables on your adversaries, using combat proven tactics learned over decades of operational experience.
* This is an intermediate level course which requires shooters to be confident in their shooting and physical abilities!

Course includes:
- Gunfighter mindset
- Shooting positions / alternative shooting positions
- Addressing individual types of cover & concealment
-Effective use of cover and concealment
- Adapting to and dominating cover
Angles of view vs. angles of exposure
-Actions on arriving behind cover
- Employing distance to your advantage
- Effective engagement from cover
- Effective movement to and from cover
- Barricade shooting
- Communication
- Performance based shooting applications
- Other considerations

Licensed Pistol & min 3 magazines
Saturday belt & holster (IWB or OWB)
300 rounds of ammunition
Ey & ear protection
Peaked cap
Elbow & knee protection
Appropriate clothing for physical range activity
Food and drinks


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