This introductory to performance shooting focuses on efficiency and technique with a view to being able to teach the student how to improve their overall speed and accuracy and to perform on demand. If a shooter can understand and perform Marksmanship Fundamentals, this is the logical next step in their journey to become a high level shooter. 
Performance Pistol Shooting 1 is an analytical as well as practical syllabus in which performance is measured throughout the course so that student evolution can be outlined in clear metrics which cannot be debated. The drills, in conjunction with the metrics give students a baseline which they can take away and improve upon with time and have data to support their progress. 

The course has its foundation in understanding the mechanics of the body and how to best exploit them to optimize efficiency, speed and movement. This understanding is then also applied to movement both on and off the trigger, reloading, multiple target engagement, static and mobile shooting, with the shooter being in both dynamic and semi dynamic positions. The course culminates with the introduction of multi sensory/multi skill drills, which are the baseline of the next training evolution "Performance Shooting 2 - Skills Optimisation"

In summary, the Performance Shooting 1 course provides the student with the tools to improve his/her level of skill, by providing proven techniques and pushing them to exceed their comfort levels and raise their baseline performance under stress and on demand. Each person who attends will  take away the knowledge of how to self analyse structure, stance, recoil mitigation, speed, efficiency, movement and target priority and in doing so may continue to evolve without an instructor present.


Performance Pistol 2  follows on directly from skills learned in the Performance Pistol 1 course and takes student to an even higher level of performance. The course is aimed at all shooters who are already at and intermediate level in terms of their skill and wish to enhance their abilities and achieve their true potential. With total focus on optimising every aspect of shooting, the course stresses multi sensory/multi skill training, which teaches the shooter to differentiate between conscious and subconscious thought and how to apply it to elevate shooting  performance to its maximum. Efficiency, economy of movement and hit factoring  are the cornerstones of this evolution, where the shooter learns the synergies of performance shooting and how they apply to both sport and combat.Building on everything learned in Performance Pistol 1, we now add higher and more challenging levels of each aspect of shooting skill, in addition to factoring in more complex aspects of movement and target acquisition.  Each student will walk away with the knowledge and techniques to continue their personal skills development, gauge and monitor their own performance and reach even higher levels through their own training. 

Minimum Gear Requirements:
Sturdy holster and belt
At least 2 magazine holders 
At least 3 magazines
Reliable Pistol
450 rounds of ammunition
Ear & Eye Protection
Peaked cap
Appropriate Clothing for Duty/Concealment and Weather
Food and beverages

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