Combat Application Marksmanship is all about being fast and accurate under stress....not just at CQB distances, not just up close on large open targets, but at small, partial, limited exposure and multiple targets, as well at extended distances. In a real life threatening confrontation, you need to be able to respond to whatever threat is presented to you and respond accordingly....there are no points for second best....and your adversary sets the place, time, direction, speed and weaponry, absent of any Rules for the Use of Force (RUF). The odds are against you, therefore you need to be as good as you can be. 
Combat Marksmanship focuses on the requirements for performance under fire and how you train to become the best that you can be when the time comes. We will take you in incremental steps from being a basic or average marksman, through a steep learning curve, enhancing your capabilities and increasing your readiness for the day when you rely on those capabilities to save your life, of that of someone you place under your protection.
This course is suitable for any responsible citizen who has already reached basic marksmanship level and now wishes to enhance their skills to a level which will increase their survivability in a real gunfight. 
Minimum Gear Requirements
Sturdy holster and belt
At least 2 magazine holders 
At least 3 magazines
Reliable Pistol
300 rounds of ammunition
Ear & Eye Protection
Peaked cap
Appropriate Clothing for Duty/Concealment and Weather
Food and beverages

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