Injured Shooter is entirely focused on shooting and manipulating the pistol single handed. The entire course is spent conducting drills and techniques with one hand, based on scenarios where the other hand has been injured and cannot be used to maintain a two handed shooting grip. Both dominant and non-dominant hand techniques will be covered in depth. Commencing with  drawing and presenting the firearm safely, we then move onto shooting and manipulating the weapon with each hand individually, then we move on to transitions moving the weapon from one hand to another. 

Other subjects covered include but are not limited to single handed deployment/presentation from overt and concealed carry, reloads, magazine changes, stoppages/malfunctions and single handed marksmanship.The course then culminates with drills which involve all of the above, but also require the student to solve complex problems at the same time. This mentally intensive and physically demanding course is a must for all persons carrying a weapon for defensive purposes. 

DURATION: 5-6 hrs
Minimum Gear Requirements
Sturdy holster and belt
At least 2 magazine holders 
At least 3 magazines
Reliable Pistol
200 rounds of ammunition
Ear & Eye Protection
Peaked cap
Appropriate Clothing for Duty/Concealment and Weather
Food and beverages

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